what I have been upto

Here's a collection of some of my recent works in digital marketing. 
As an exploration in market research and planning, I have been working on this project to get the company's digital marketing framework in mind, i.e., the business model, target customers, marketing channels, objectives, and KPI's. 
I created blog content on Medium using SCQA framework to generate leads through ebook downloads, posted the blog link on different social media platforms, tracked clicks through bit.ly, and measured impact through Hootsuite. 
Determined the campaign objective, set up the landing page, selected the right audience and location, fixed the lifetime budget, created different ads sets, and optimized the ad sets for conversions on Facebook Ads Manager. 
Ran a five days campaign on Facebook and Instagram that generated 42360 impressions and 614 conversions (1 day after clicking) with a lifetime budget of $100. Also, evaluated the performance of the campaign and calculated the ROI.
Conducted an SEO audit to increase organic traffic through better ranking in search engine results. I did onsite SEO audit, technical SEO audit, and offsite SEO audit using tools such as MOZ keyword explorer, SEMrush, Pingler and Think with Google.
I have created a search network campaign on Google Adwords. It included setting campaign objective, location, budget and target audience, adding keywords, creating ad groups based on stages of the customer journey and scheduling the ads. 
Ran a five days campaign on Google that generated 1704 impressions and eight conversions with a daily budget of $10. Also, evaluated the performance of the campaign, calculated the ROI (+6.57) and made recommendations for the future.
I evaluated three display campaigns that included the calculation of CPA and ROI and made recommendations for better site targeting and retargeting. This project also included display campaign optimization and A/B testing.
I developed a target persona, created an email calendar, drafted three emails, sent them to subscribers via MailChimp, and analyzed open rate, bounce rate, and the number of conversions and unsubscribes. This project also included A/B testing. 

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