hi, i'm megha :)

welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m a learner @ uc berkeley who enjoys using software
to accelerate supply chains 🏭 climate solutions 🌱 and human knowledge 🧠
In past lives, I’ve worked on making the grid smarter as an
engineer at SCE and helped build fintech software
for energy infrastructure at Banyan Infrastructure

I also enjoy building apps + reading new things + eating!
here are some things that have been floating through my mind:

  • iOS photo authentication + deep fake detection
  • and other fun projects

  • the f line streetcar and the state
    of sf public transpo
  • this and more on my substack

  • notes on the advantages of using lower case
    letters for data storage
  • be curious with me on curius.app

    thanks for stopping by! if you ever wanna
    say hi back, feel free to email me here

    projects | writing | reading list | twitter